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1944 The Loop Master Review - KIIINGS

1944 The Loop Master Review

Time travel back to the early 2000s grab some coins and go to your nearest arcade place. Play some classic arcade games, like time crisis metal slug…or maybe 1944 the loop masters


By the developers of 8zing/razing and being published by capcom for the capcom arcade system being released to all arcade, places come 1944. The loop masters exclusively for the arcades, a top-down shoot em up game where both players will be playing as the pilots of the P-38 and the zero, to conquer through 15 stages with countless waves of enemy Air Force anti Air.


Force and they navy force to take out the main targets at the end of each stage, now those main targets has an invisible time limit, if you take too long. The main target will make a retreat to live another day. Now you only got one life if your health depletes you’ll be ejected out of that plane and be going to the game over screen. This game requires pure skills to avoid being blown up!


The controls on this game run smoothly and very simple to use.

Joy stick to move your pilot around

  • A button: to shoot or while holding it down to charge up your air raid attack which turns into a mini screen but once you use your air raid attack you have to wait 5 seconds for it to cool down.
  • B button: to send out a raid of bombs to screen nuke the enemies or to deal a lot of damage to the primary target at the end of each stage. Also to send out your wingman pilots to be mini bombs.

Power up or collectables

Throughout this game, you will see some power or collectables that could aid you throughout 15 stages.

Some of these power-ups can be found by shooting down a row of special kind of fighter pilots.


Bullet power up

Bullet power-ups give your pilots increased width of firepower and can be helpful to deal with a lot of enemies if you’re in a pickle or you want to deal a lot of damage to the main target.


Collecting the bomb allows you to restock one bomb, if you happen to see it, make sure you grab it, cause it can be helpful if you want to take out the countless waves of enemies.


Now there’s two varieties of pow.

  • Sliver pows you can find them very frequently and they give you a small amount of health to survive through a stage.
  • Gold pow are the rarest one to find mange to find that one pick it up cause it will give full health.

Gold diamonds/wingman pilots

Now the only way to get the wingman pilots is by trading those gold diamonds collect 10 of them. This will bring out a gold plane hanging around on the left edge or right edge of the game screen.

Shoot them down, and you’ll see the wingman pilots power up. Wingman pilots are there to give additional firepower to help you throughout your journey.


Though you only got one life in this game. The game will always bring you back in saying “I can do, I can do this let’s go for one more, come on one more”. All because of the excellent graphics and soundtrack but to also take out the main target you couldn’t take down on.

Your previous run of the game but to also see if you can get the high score, or to just bring friends to join in the co-op madness of 1944 the loop masters.

Shout Out to #Planetaryashes #OTRFAM on instagram for the article

  • Graphics
  • Soundtrack.
  • Challenging replay ability
  • Only arcade exclusive

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