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One Leaves "Want To Play A Game" - KIIINGS

One Leaves “Want To Play A Game”


One leaves is based on a true horror story, and aims to leave the players’ efforts up in smoke, not truly explaining how to win, but focusing more on their rising from the ashes to try again. 

One Leaves is definitely not meant to wow you with its graphics, an amazing engine, or a diverse move-setet, but the message waiting for you once you exit the maze is well worth it.


This game is Free to play on xbox live and although you can be the lucky 1 candidate to escape the maze and see the light of day, but most likely you will die several times, in several different maze combinations. This slow cancer filled death is explained to you in detail by the Announcer, one of the only characters you truly interact with in the game, after he leads you through a few simple puzzles and mazes to find out if you live, or if you die.

The odds (3 out of 4) match your odds of escaping smoking as a teenager once you start.

Creepy game, scary message. Worth a run through.


Very simple point and click style game, only one walking speed, and all of your puzzles are solved with movement or a simple tap of the A button


The point of this specific game is to entice you to try and beat the odds! Even after a few runs the maze was too different to truly gain an edge on the competition. However it is possible to escape you’ll just have to try your luck!


Being a Free to play game and being marketed as an anti-smoking campaign, This was truly a creepy game. The developers successfully tied smoking together in with the horror genre gamers love and know, like such titles as Outlast and Layers of Fear.


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