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US Movie Release Date And Trailer Jordan Peel Movie - KIIINGS

US Movie Release Date And Trailer

This "intense", "brutally scary", "ride" thrusts audiences into Peele's "new nightmare" on March 22nd.

What’s So Scary About “US”?


Surfing on the massive success of 2017’s hit “Get Out”, writer/director Jordan Peel has certainly caught the Hollywood spotlight, and with producing and narrating a re-envisioning of “The Twilight Zone” series as well as other television content like “Weird City” in the works and a reboot of the terrifying 1990 film “Candyman” in pre-production, Peele has taken the reins with full confidence as his 2nd directorial effort, “Us” (2019), which premiered its official trailer December 25th, 2018, indicates.

This creepy concoction’s trailer draws intrigue from the start by cleverly taking Luniz’s “I Got 5 on it” and somehow making it a scary song, littering the preview’s tension-building 2.5 minutes with haunting drops in speed, shaking hands with smooth, Rorschach-driven graphics.  Shrieking violins dispersed throughout to spike the jump scares as well as the recurring sight and sound of scissors, an “iconic piece of horror imagery” as Peele explains in a TV Spot, all help drive home the horror appeal to full potential.


Paired once again with Universal Pictures and his own Monkeypaw Productions, Peele casts Academy Award-winning Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave, Black Panther) in the lead as the mother, Adelaide Wilson.  Her American accent is flawless as she trembles through the madness abound, fierce and genuinely scared.  In a separate trailer, it is revealed that as a child, Nyong’o’s character saw a little girl in her mirror that scared her, supporting the theory that her part in the conflicts that follow her later in life run deeper than the 1st trailer had shown audiences. During a behind-the-scenes featurette, Nyong’o expressed how “scary” it was to play the hero and the villain.

Winston Duke (Avengers: Infinity War) plays the father, and Jordan Peele surrogate, Gabe.  Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) plays a supporting role as Adelaide’s friend and mother of the Tyler family, who, after a series of flashes suggest, appears to also be afflicted with the same curse the Wilson crew encounters as a beach outing takes an eerie downturn.

Playing the Wilson children are: daughter Shahada Wright Joseph (who will be voicing a character in the upcoming live action “The Lion King”) and son Evan Alex (TV’s Kidding).  Shahada shared in an interview that she enjoyed Peele’s films because they are unpredictable.  This is the kind of scare she prefers in a horror movie. 


In a TV spot, Peele explains by stating the monster of this film has our faces and “no one wants to face their own faults; guilt; demons.  We are our own
worst enemy.”


Receiving an R-rating by the MPAA, it is clear that Peele subscribes to the true impact and reason fans love the horror genre by not holding back on the content they expect and deserve.  With over a decade of rather terrible PG-13 rated horror films prove, the profits of a PG-13 film versus any R-rated film as the blockbusters “It” (2017) and Peele’s 1st directorial effort “Get Out” show the genre belongs “R”.

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