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God Of War, From Greece to Norway Review - KIIINGS

God Of War, From Greece to Norway

From the first boat ride to the last trek up the mountain in Jötunheim, the story of God of War is an emotional roller coaster.

It’s a story of many faces, showing, the constant changing relationship between Kratos and Atreus, their devotion to full-fill their loved one’s last wish, and wrapping it all together with learning to accept themselves for who they truly are.

As we know from the previous God of War titles, although Kratos is a god himself, he holds a special kind of hatred in his heart for his own kind. This hatred unintentionally reflects towards his son, creating an uneasy relationship at the start-up of the game.

Back Story

This backstory set-up allows for captivating character development as we see Kratos growing into a loving father, and Atreus learning to become a strong man. 

This type of father/son relationship is rarely explored in the gaming world today, and it’s refreshing to see it done so well. It shines brightest in the little moments, shown in Kratos’ emotions when his son is lost or grows ill.

The times Atreus loses his head and Kratos has to keep him grounded (as good fathers tend to do) and although Kratos persists it’s strictly to help with supplying the journey itself and not for the betterment of others, Atreus adds the humanity to your actions along with your path to Jötunheim.

Not only is intelligent storytelling/game design present in the seamless cutscene transitions and the gameplay experience, but it could be the most fluid feeling game to date. Atreus comments on many actions Kratos takes, from straying off the path to find collectables to fighting mini-bosses, and the side quests in between.

Not to mention the use of characters storytelling to reveal the game’s lore which only expands once you bring your talking head companion aboard your boat.

All in all, God of War offers one of the best stories from an AAA game in recent history. With character development that can be seen and felt, battles between gods, an ending that leaves you only wanting more.


Leviathan Axe

god of war review

Your weapon of choice starting the game, besides Kratos’ fists, is the Leviathan Axe. Utilising the axe is simple yet effective light and heavy attacks, mixed for combinations of deadly finishing moves, this axe is a killing machine.

If that isn’t enough for you, the real fun began as you learn to throw the axe. Yes, anywhere at any time Kratos is able to heave his axe into the skull of an enemy and recall it back to his hand with the simple tap of a button.

Combat only evolves from here. One’s skills on the skill tree start becoming unlocked, one can perform button combinations of light and heavy attacks to devastate adversaries. From ground smashes that send foes into the air, to throwing the axe in a tornado like motion around Kratos, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.

Blades Of Chaos

Eventually, after unlocking all the skills in your Leviathan’s skill tree, you come across a weapon that may look a little familiar to God Of War franchise fans, The Blades Of Chaos.

Never having used this weapon, it took a while to realise just how fun it could be to raid the frozen pits of hell slashing and hacking with a set of ever burning fiery blades.

Whether you are looking for a Tasmanian devil spin or a sharp grapple hook, these are the weapons for you. Eventually, they become a crucial element in puzzle solving for the player, allowing Kratos to wield the winds of hell.

Spartan Rage (hand to hand)

When in a pinch and you find yourself outnumbered or outgunned, this is the move for you.

Set on a status bar and cooldown system Kratos can become enraged, gaining extra strength and defensive stats that can give you the edge on an approaching mob, or help you take down that last chunk of boss health.

With a variety of skills to unlock and duration upgrades, eventually, Kratos is able to pulverise every and any enemy in your location within seconds, leaving your weapons stored safely on your back for a real fight.



With the addition of a new game plus, God of War is a great game to go back to as many times as you’d like. New game plus not only allows you to keep the weapons, skills, and armour you’ve acquired on your first run but allows you to expand on it with the addition of new armour sets. Enemies are also harder, and you’ll find yourself fighting endgame enemies at the very beginning, keeping the game challenging on a second run.

A second run with powerful gear is not the only reason to go back to this instant classic, as the story will draw you in just as much as the first time around.

With multiple playthroughs available for enjoyment, this game is well worth the $60 price tag


Knowing what will happen next does not make it any less epic or satisfying. Additionally, with the depth that comes with this story, you most likely will notice little things that you did not the first time through.
  • The story is well told
  • The lore
  • The gaming mechanics
  • The combat mechanics
  • Lack of "meaningful" boss fights
  • Lack of Fast Travel abilities

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