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The Elder Scrolls 6: Where Will It Take Place? - KIIINGS

Have Elder Scrolls fans deduced the setting of the series’ newest installment?

elder scrolls 6 news
elder scrolls 6 news

The Smart Money’s on High Rock

The most popular theory among fans is that TES 6 will take place in the home of the Bretons, High Rock. Not only does this make perfect sense given the landscape shown in the teaser — High Rock is, indeed, high and rocky — but it would be a good marketing move for Bethesda. It’s a place that would have a definite character, like Skyrim and Morrowind.

It would also be the perfect setting for them to focus on magic as a central gameplay mechanic. What if magic gets as much attention in TES 6 as Dragon Shouts did in Skyrim? We could see a return of levitation and teleportation spells, which have been absent from the series since TES3. Fans have been complaining about the removal of spell creation in Skyrim (a source of much hilarity in previous games). Here’s to hoping that even if the new installment doesn’t take place in High Rock, we will still get to make ridiculously overpowered spells that can blast our opponents into the stratosphere.

This theory has some things going against it. For one, High Rock is kind of small. But so was Vvanderfell, the island where the entirety of TES 3 took place (sans the expansions). And other than some historically important locations such as Daggerfall and the Adamantine Tower, there isn’t a lot of existing High Rock lore to exploit and turn into a compelling plot.


It’s also very plausible that the game will take place in Hammerfell. It’s much bigger than High Rock, has a lot of interesting political history and hosts a number of different biomes, including the rocky and arid climate seen in the trailer. It is home to the militaristic Redguard, which means the new game could be more of a hack-and-slash experience. This is the direction that Bethesda has been going down since Morrowind — less talking, more fighting — so this theory is about as likely as the first one.

Other Guesses

Planet Nirn Elder Scrolls

Planet Nirn Elder Scrolls

If it isn’t in High Rock or Hammerfell, it probably isn’t in Tamriel. There’s nowhere else on the continent that hasn’t been touched by a previous game and also matches the climate in the teaser. Some fans have speculated that it will take place in Elswyr, home of the Khajiits, but this would be a weird move for Bethesda. It would be very hard to get people new to the Elder Scrolls series excited about a bunch of cat-people.

It’s also unlikely that it will take place in all of Tamriel. While this is a wet dream of many fans, TES Online is already doing it. Why would Bethesda risk pulling players away from another one of their games?

The planet Nirn has a whole other continent, Akavir, which has never been seen in the series. There’s also a plethora of islands, like the Summerset Isles and many others that are uninhabitable. Because no one knows too much about these places, it’s hard to say whether or not TES 6 will take place in any of them.

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