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Shadow of the Tomb Raider: An Explosive Close to...- KIIINGS

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: An Explosive Close to Croft’s Origin Story

Fans of the Tomb Raider series saw a dramatic and movie-like experience in the first and second games of the reboot for the series. Tomb Raider has long been considered an industry standard for action and platforming games. Shadow of the Tomb Raider carries on this tradition and developed new and a exciting story line for Lara Croft and her peers.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider takes inspiration from Mayan and Incan history for it’s newest installment. Lara Croft travels to South America and must explore the legendary city of Paititi to stop an apocalypse.

Gameplay Suitable for a Tomb Raider

In past games, Lara was young and innocent. She was more or less just reacting to her environment in an attempt to survive. Now, players control a much more vicious version of her. Her trademark gun fights and acrobatics are intact, but now players can do many more intentionally violent actions such as stalking enemies from a towering tree and leaping down to strangle them in a single motion.

Narrative for a Tomb Raider

In the past, players were shown that Lara’s father was murdered and that, that was what kicked off her first adventure. As the reboot story has unfolded, we’ve learned that Trinity was behind her father’s death. A militants organization of brutal mercenaries. Lara’s journey in Shadows starts out with her seeking out her father’s killers to dispense justice her way. However, in doing so she unleashes a Mayan apocalypse that threatens the world. The story is obviously tense and action packed. Any fan of action stories should enjoy every second of this narrative.

Pros and Cons of Being a Tomb Raider

As with any game, there are a series of pros and cons to Shadows. The Tomb Raider series is known for it’s action packed game play and riveting storytelling, but that doesn’t mean Shadows doesn’t have some downfalls.

To start, fans have slammed the game for an awkwardly controlled camera. This issue was persistent in past Tomb Raider games too, but after three games, have expect it to get better.

Another issue is with the storyline itself. Fans have found it to be more of the same. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The past two games have some of the best story lines in gaming history. If you’re looking for something refreshing though, this might not be it.

Finally, fans have taken issue with the stealth combat. Between the sometimes awkward camera and gamers’ general hate for stealth game play, having a lot of stealth based game play is bound to turn some fans off. It’s all about what you like in a game.

The game is far from poor, though. It’s actually one of the highest rated games of the year. Despite the negative views of some fans, the game has a solid list of great features such as:

  • Amazing tomb design
  • More tombs to explore than previous games
  • Well designed gun play

Those three reasons, combined with the series’ trademark platforming and gunplay, are bound to create a positive play experience.

The game is available on PC, Ps4, and Xbox One and is raged M for mature. For graphics comparison screenshots, click here. Most importantly, get out there and enjoy the adventure. In Lara Croft’s words “A famous explorer once said, that the extraordinary is in what we do, not in who we are. I’d finally set out to make my mark; To find adventure.”

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