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Shadow Chase – Run Bear Run - on Google Play and App StoreKIIINGS

Shadow Chase – Run Bear Run

Most bears love sweet sweet honey honey but Jimmy loves fruits and Shimmy and his shadow Clones are after him for stealing there fruits

If you are looking for an adventure game and a survival game that will keep you entertained, then Shadow Chase Run Bear Run is the perfect game for you. It is a simple jump and run platform with Jimmy the bear as the protagonist. The aim of this game is to help Jimmy collect & assemble as many fruits as you can whilst avoiding all Shimmy’s Shadow Clones, you need to strive to survive for as long as you can.

Here are some features of the app:

  • Secret dance moves to defeat Shimmy shadow bears.
  • A secret workout that increases the speed of Jimmy the bear.
  • Magic fruits that will help you stop and destroy enemies
  • Excellent graphics and enthralling sound in this bear fun.
  • Unlock locked boosters!

How many fruits can you collect and how long can you survive?

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