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Ice Cream Man Comic Gets Television Series - KIIINGS

Ice Cream Man Comic Gets Television Series

The Ice Cream Man

Not all comic properties are packed with muscles, magic, and a bunch of capes. The heart of the comic book industry lies in the actual stories and artwork that makes the unordinary ordinary most extraordinarily. When you take a trip off the beaten path of comics, you see a whole world of dark and creative titles that will blow your mind.

Television has noticed this and has begun to option off some of the more bizarre properties. One of the more recent announcements has been the adapting of the darkly entertaining Ice Cream Man from Image Comics into a television series. The series is being produced by Universal Cable Prods., the same company that produced Happy! for SyFy.

Ice Cream Man the Comic

The Ice Cream ManThe Ice Cream Man comic series debuted last January from Image Comics and writer W. Maxwell Prince. It quickly found a rabid fan-base with its standalone stories of the macabre and fantastical tales couples with stunning artwork. These stories are told by the Ice cream man, a foul and sinister man who travels your suburban neighborhood sharing his terrible treats.

At the heart of these tales is a sort of statement on the American psyche. The Ice cream man provides examples of the cruelty of man and the wild twists of fate that could lie in store for us all. The format is similar in tone and style to the likes of Tales From the Crypt or The Twilight Zone.

The Ice Cream Man Television Series

The Ice Cream Man is still in the very early in the production process, so details are still being worked out. Currently, the series is being shopped around to premium cable and streaming outlets, like Netflix and Amazon.

Max and Adam Reid will write the Ice Cream Man series. The duo previously worked on the Amazon hit Sneaky Pete, starring Giovanni Ribisi and created by Bryan Cranston. The team at Good Fear Films, which includes Chris Bender, Jake Weiner, and Jake Wagner, will work alongside the Reids as executive producers. Good Fear Film members have their hands in a number of other interesting projects, including the live-action version of Mulan.

It’s Time To Get Happy!

happy comicAt this time, not much else is known about the actual television series, but by looking at UCP’s other comic-based hit Happy!, we may be able to get an idea of what we have to look forward to. The hit series debuted on SyFy in 2017 and has been picked up for a second season to air this year.

Starring the always amazing Christopher Meloni as Nick sax, Happy! follows a hitman who’s a former officer. As he wakes up in the hospital, he is most troubled by the appearance of a flying blue unicorn named Happy. Happy claims he is the imaginary friend of someone who is in some serious trouble and needs Nick’s help.

Happy! is rated TV-MA, and due to the dark nature of the Ice Cream Man comic series, it’s likely the television series will have the same rating.

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