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Are You Hungry for Hungry Dragon? Review - KIIINGS

Are You Hungry for Hungry Dragon?

If you’ve played Hungry Shark World, you already know how addicting it can be to control a creature who wants to do nothing more than snack on everything in the area. The game had a surprisingly fun loop, marred only by an insistence on adding microtransactions to the process. Ubisoft has decided to double down on the formula once again, adapting its ocean buffet to the world of fantasy. If Hungry Shark allowed you to be the ultimate real-world predator, Hungry Dragon will enable you to take control of the king of the fairytales – your very own dragon.

All You Can Eat Action

This game is basically a reskin of Hungry Shark, with just enough improvements to justify playing it over its excellent predecessor. The immediate gameplay loop is exactly the same as in its predecessor – eat a bunch of stuff so that you can get bigger and eventually eat bigger stuff. You’ll start out relatively small and snacking on fairly safe creatures, but you’ll encounter more challenges as your dragon gets bigger. Over the course of the game, you’ll need to unlock new dragons to make any kind of forward progress.

Giving credit where it’s due, this the perfect kind of game for wasting time. You will make a little bit of progress with every round you play, ultimately helping you to progress to bigger and better goals. There’s not a lot of skill required, but that’s fine – you’ll have plenty of fun just eating the critters and learning where you can go with your specific dragon. It might be mindless fun, but it’s still fun.

The Hunger Grind

Unfortunately, the news isn’t all good when it comes to this game. There’s a lot of grinding to be done – some of the dragons can take up to sixty hours of real-world time to unlock, which is far more time spent playing this game than it deserves. This is, of course, primarily done to motivate players to spend real money on the game – not the evilest way to do microtransactions, but also one that will definitely give many players pause.

More problematic is that the game doesn’t really have much of a point. Yes, you’ll get bigger, and you’ll unlock more dragons, but that’s about it. This isn’t a game with a story or even a real competitive mode, so it’s eventually going to end up as a very forgettable title for most. You’ll probably have a lot of fun while you’re playing, but expect it to be the type of game that gets deleted as soon as your phone or tablet starts to run low on space.

This is a solid, middle-of-the-road mobile game that's worth at least a download. You're probably not going to think it's the greatest game you've ever played, but you'll still have fun. UbiSoft's formula clearly works so it will be interesting to see what they learn from this iteration.
  • Addictive gameplay loop
  • Animations and background are fantastic
  • Music is really catchy!
  • No real endgame
  • Most dragons take too long to unlock
  • Microtransactions are annoying

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