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Aquaman's Second Extended Trailer Reels in Interest in DC Films - KIIINGS

Aquaman’s Second Extended Trailer Reels in Interest in DC Films

What’s Today’s Catch?

Aquaman Extended Trailer 2 is a 318-second-long preview of “Aquaman,” the latest in DC’s franchise of live-action film based on the heroes and villains of their lengthy library of comic books. The trailer opens with Arthur Curry, better known as the titular character, narrating about his past as footage plays of Queen Atlanna, Arthur’s mother played by Nicole Kidman, and Thomas Curry, Arthur’s father played by Temuera Morrison. Arthur mentions how he is a symbol of the union of two worlds, “a son of the land and a son of the seas.”

Time then jumps to an adult Arthur, with footage displaying his preternaturally fast swimming and super strength by bringing a sea vessel to the surface, then leaping out of the water to land on the vessel right as his mother narrates the line “Take your place as king.”

Traversing the Depths

After a pair of environmental shots shows a beach with blue waters clear enough to insert the DC Comics logo and then an arid desert, later mentioned as the Sahara Desert of northern Africa, the perspective shifts to two people scouring the desert in search of Atlantis. After the perspective shifts to reveal an ancient ruin laden with relics and decayed artefacts, one of the two people inserts an etched cylinder into a device.

While the device does not react, the camera changes to reveal that the duos are Arthur and Mera, Arthur’s vibrantly red-headed partner played by Amber Heard. After an offhanded remark about how the site had been around before the Sahara was a desert, Mera realises that an Atlantean device requires water and users her “hydrokinetic” abilities to extract some water from Arthur’s forehead, flinging the perspiration onto the device.

The device then responds with glowing blue light along its seams, revealing itself to be a holographic display wielding the mythical Trident of Atlantis, which the hologram explains as a vessel for the very power of Atlantis.

Trench Warfare Doesn’t Usually Concern Deep Waterz

We are then treated to a massive sweeping underwater sequence loaded with lights that first appear to be multicolored fish. You soon realize that those colors originate from the vehicles and buildings within Atlantis, with the perspective changing to a shot of Arthur and Mera inside a seacraft.

What follows next is several shots that showcase the power of the Trident, with the hologram urging Arthur to find the artifact within the “Secret Sea” to prevent a villain from perverting the trident’s power and ensure a hero can unite Atlantis’ people. Amid these shots are footage of clashes between Arthur and Orm, his half-brother, who also goes by the alias of “Ocean Master.”

After a few shots of Orm’s armed forces, we get a nice prolonged sequence where Black Manta and his flunkies engage Mera and Arthur in a Mediterranean city, followed by some more action vignettes.

My Conclusion

After seeing Aquaman Extended Trailer 2, my hopes for this film have risen, rather than sunk. Two particular moments stick out in my mind as film high points: the reveal of Black Manta as a silent, menacing threat and the shot of Arthur emerging in the classic golden-yellow-and-green outfit many people know the character from thanks to shows like “Super friends.”


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