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Dead Island Survivors

An Ideal Mobile Game for Dead Island and Zombie Games Fans

An Ideal Mobile Game for Dead Island and Zombie Games Fans

The world of mobile gaming is undoubtedly a fast evolving sector. Developers for both Android and iOS are utilising modern technology to design and develop appealing games. Different genres are receiving unique developments to suit their users. If you are a fan of zombie genre video games, then your life is complete after the launch of Dead Island Survivors game. This video game is a definite fit for Dead Island franchise lovers, and its developer seems to have the right grasp of what fans want.

First Impression after Launching

After the launch of Dead Island Survivors on 4th of July 2018, a bunch of mobile game reviewers thronged the internet with various reviews. These reviews covered diverse aspects like graphics, ease of playing, controls, among others. But one conclusion emerges; Developer Fishlabs was crafting a perfect fit for Dead Island funs during its two years in soft launch. The game soft-launched in 2016 on the iOS platform, before undergoing modifications for the Android system. Even to novice gamers, the kind of development period attached to Dead Island Survivors attracts an impressive review.

Get it right

The gaming mode involves two stages. In the first step, you start your mission, known as New Hope, on a beach. The zombies are around you, and you need to make the first action – kill them. So, how do you kill the zombies? There is a massive axe at your disposal. Use the equipment to auto kill your enemies.

Dead Island Survivors man being eaten

Killing the zombies involves tapping on each of them. Even though the graphics are impressive, there are no on-screen controls. The game consists of swiping and touching as control means. You are also acquainted with special moves as you familiarise with the game.

The second and third parts of Dead Island Survivors follow. At the start of the second chapter, you get the tower defence elements. Your mission is to trap the zombies by placing Auto-Turrets or Barricades around the perimeter. The stage has many locked options such as Thrasher, Zapper, Artillery, and Crossbow. After placing a trap, tap the ‘Start the Action’ button and enjoy.


After striking all the zombies, you get access to the looting system. Go through items in the suitcase and take an element of choice. The items serve as rewards for a successful mission. The items you can pick include a flamer and electric fence for barricading purposes. You can as well get cash to upgrade game levels.

Pros and Cons

In Dead Island Survivors, it’s hard to talk about cons, literally. The game is full of advantages such as nice graphics, smooth controls, and interactive inter-phase. Besides, there are no repercussions for not completing missions. There are also goodies after completing them, and you can upgrade to any levels.

The main disadvantage of this game is that many options to trap the zombies in the second chapter are locked, with only two options available for players at the initial level. Also, the game has in-game ads, but you can eliminate them with as little as $ 0.99.

Dead Island Survivors is a fun and adventurous game, with positive user comments on iTunes and Play Store. It is a worthy try whether you are familiar with Dead Island or not.
  • Great graphics
  • Smooth controls
  • Interactive inter-phase
  • only 2 unlocked options in chaperter 2

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