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Captain Tom Galactic Traveler - KIIINGS

Captain Tom Galactic Traveler

Captain Tom Galactic Traveler was a game I downloaded on to my tablet, and I wanted to try it out and see what this game was about, being that I love games that involve space and space travel and I am sure glad I did download the game. This game is not only addictive but very fun! The controls are, and the character moves with ease, the design of the game is very creative yet simple to understand, the levels to the game is very challenging but does not feel impossible to achieve like other games on the market.

Game Play

Captain Tom Galactic Traveler is simple to play but challenging at the same time. The concept of flying a spaceship and going from planet to planet figuring out the puzzles to collect stars is fun and exciting. The smooth interface of the game makes the game very addictive which makes very competitive with other mobile games on the android market. I love the idea that I get to drive the spaceship from planet to planet and use bubbles against the monsters in the game.

Captain galactic traveler on a mission

Captain galactic traveler on a mission


The controls are simple to learn, and smooth navigation gets you playing this game in seconds. This game is addictive, and once you start playing, you do not want to put it down also if you are not paying attention the time will slip by so quickly, I actually had to force myself to stop playing a few times or I’ll get nothing done such as cleaning my house or do my job at work. Due to the smooth interface of the game it really makes it smooth gameplay which says a lot about a game, in my opinion, I have played a lot of games which feels cluttered and to “busy”, which makes me lose interest in the game, this game kept my attention. One of the best games to download from the market.


The design of the game is excellent, it has a clean appearance to it which the game a less clutter feel while playing. I enjoy the classic black and white graphics, it gives the game a cool retro feel without sacrificing the nifty modern experience of the game of the gameplay. The music fits the game perfectly and makes it more engaging to play, unlike other games that have the same tone and pitch throughout the game which can make a game a bit hard to play and frankly annoying at times.

Over all I really enjoy this game from the design of the game, the clean appearance, the cool retro look and to the concept of the game. I have spent many of hours playing this game and the best part never felt board once. I have recommending this game to so many of my friends and family to download and play. It is simple yet challenging that makes it great for all ages to play.
  • Classic black and white graphics
  • Game controls
  • Feels clustered

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